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Mapleton C-Store & Cafe


The Mapleton C-Store and Cafe is now open

Wednesday - Saturday                             Grill and C-Store

Hours from 6 am to 8 PM

Sunday                                         Grill and C-Store

Hours from 6 am to 3 PM

620-743-3043    Come and visit with

Becky Roland and Rick Spence

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for Businesses in Mapleton!


Kelly J. Hall

Tupperware Mgr.

Website phone 620-224-7668

I would like to be your local
Tupperware Consultant. I can help you with qualifying for free Tupperware, full or part time employment, replacements.

Tupperware has a lifetime guarantee.


New Owner

Mapleton Gas Pipeline

The Blevins'

1251 Main.   Mapleton, Kansas  66754

Phone 620-743-3070 and 620-224-7267 cell


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  Mapleton - Timberhill Cemetery

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Churches in Mapleton Area and web sites for them!

Mapleton Christian Church

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Xenia Baptist Church

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Mapleton Methodist Church

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Do you remember these?  Dave Scharenberg found this amongst Orville's things.  Brings out some memories doesn't it?


Shirley Hilt's first published book is out!!  It will be in all book stores.   Ask for "Silent Screams" by Shirley Hilt.

The Book is published.    My author website is :

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Tell everyone you can! 

I can't believe it's finally in print!!!!   Shirley



 Updated 9 - 30 - 2013